• Shinmu Dake, the Japanese vulcano that featured prominently in the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice' (1967)


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Full cover of the book On the tracks of 007's Guide to Japan

Now Available: On the tracks of 007's Guide to Japan

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of You Only Live Twice, this is the ultimate field guide to the James Bond locations in Japan. From the exciting neon signs of Tokyo to the historical castle of Himeji, from the serene temples of Nachisan to the adventurous volcanoes of Kyushu. This book will take you on an exciting trip through one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Featuring  chapters on the making of You Only Live Twice, ninjitsu, Ian Fleming's journeys to Japan and much more. With over 250 behind the scenes photos, location photos and maps!     read more...
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“No Bond fan who’s thinking of visiting any of the countries in which 007 has had adventures should be without this indispensable guide! Where the Bond traveller may once have wasted many valuable hours in an effort to locate the various film locations in whichever country, Martijn Mulder and Dirk Kloosterboer’s exhaustive work has lifted that burden from all 007 holidaymakers, making their trip to that country even more enjoyable.”
Graham Rye - Editor & publisher of 007 Magazine 


Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas - sign
Join us on a tour of all the places where James Bond filming once took place. From the sleazy streets of Las Vegas to the mountain tops in Switzerland.


Ian Fleming's Goldeneye in Jamaica
Around the world there are many hotels with a cinematic connection. James Bond always stays at the best places, so this list will surely deliver.


Pinewood Hotel event, 2015
In this section we will tell you all about upcoming James Bond themed events and guided tours, for both individual travellers and groups.


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World map
While we didn't include maps in the book version, they have always been part of the digital editions. And they can be very handy, especially when you want to travel to a certain area, country or city. So we re-introduce the map section, for your convenience!


Help us find this James Bond location!
There are still James Bond locations that are a complete mystery, even for us. Maybe you can help us find them?

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James Bond location hunting is a fun hobby and 'On the tracks of 007' proved to be an indispensible guide. Read what others had to say about this guide.


Since 2008, our James Bond travel guide has featured in many mags & newspapers from all over the world. Here's an overview of all this coverage.

Latest news

Read all about the latest additions to our 007 location database. Where are they currently filming, what new destinations can we add to our list?

Cast & Crew

For our first edition of the book, we had the pleasure of receiving a foreword by Guy Hamilton. Now, Roger Moore steps in as well..


Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte, as seen in 1979's Moonraker
Access our gallery of selected photos and videos from our vast archive. The video section features various location trip videos.


Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Over the years, amazing films have been made on wonderful locations. Let's step away from James Bond for a moment and go on a side trip..

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2015 marked the 20th anniversary of our James Bond locations website, making it one of the longest running James Bond dedicated websites on the internet. But it's not your average 007 website. It's dedicated fully to the (often) exotic filming locations used in the Bond films around the globe. Wanna know how this came about?

Martijn Mulder and Dirk Kloosterboer
Martijn Mulder & Dirk Kloosterboer

About us

'On the tracks of 007' is a project originally conceived by Dirk Kloosterboer and Martijn Mulder. In a sad twist of fate, Dirk lost his life in 2004. With the help of many friends from the Bond fan community, 'On the tracks of 007' was finally published as a travel guide to the location, back in 2008.

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