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Even in this age, where you can find virtually anything with a push on the button, there are certain locations that we labelled 'unfindable'. Locations that are hardly recognizable in the films, locations even unknown to the people who worked on the films. 'But what about the call sheets?', you might wonder. Normally, locations are mentioned on the production call sheets. But sometimes, for reasons unknown, this information is incomplete or simply incorrect. And that's where you come in.

This can be your challenge. If you are up to it, perhaps you can help us identify the following Bond locations that have puzzled us for years.. If you have information that could help us, please use the form all the way at the bottom of this page. Thanks for your help!

1  Car jump location

Astro Spiral Jump location. Will it ever be found?
The exact location where this amazing stunt was filmed has always remained a mystery. Even Guy Hamilton had no idea. Mentioned on the call sheets as 'Klong Rangsit', the location can be anywhere in this vast area of canals. And there simply isn't very much to work with. The canal isn't very wide, the roads run straight next to it, and that's about it. The bridge was erected for the scene. I suppose you just have to be lucky and stumble upon a local who remembers.

2 Greek hotel

The Greek hotel Bond and Melina stay in remains a mystery. For Your Eyes Only (1981)
The Greek hotel Bond and Melina stay in, in For Your Eyes Only, also remains a mystery. Only visible for a split second, the place certainly has a Greek look to it. While the 'Hotel Bellavista' sign looks studio made (it is probably not even a real hotel), this building can most likely be found somewhere on Corfu, because of the presence of the Citroen 2CV. Other scenes for the film were shot in the Meteora region on the Greek main land, but it seems unlikely that the crew would transport the car there, only to use it in this tiny scene.

3 Grant's escape route

Grant's escape route. Have we found it?
Now here's a tricky one. We were pointed to the location of Grant's escape route (the train's emergency stop) in From Russia With Love by Anders Larsen, who had found it on Google Earth. And I think he's actually absolutely right. The house in the back has four chimneys, two on each side of the roof. When comparing the various angles in the film to the ground layout of the area, it all seems to fit rather well. The street layout has changed, buildings were added, but this is quite common, especially after so many years. We would love to see actual proof, since no one we know has ever visited this spot. So if you're in Istanbul, take a little side trip to explore this area. Below is the evidence you can work with, brightened up for your convenience.
This is the exact spot of the junction. The address is Kurşun Sk, Yarımburgaz Mahallesi, Küçükçekmece,Turkye. It's located to the west of Istanbul.
It's the only spot where the train track gets this close to the coast line.
When the train moves on, the track bends to the right and goes down hill. It matches the location very well.
The houses in the back, the bay, the ditch on the left, it all matches up. Also, at this spot, the double track becomes single track, which is clearly visible in the film as well.

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