Atlantis Resort

One Casino Drive
Paradise Island, New Providence
The Atlantis Resort, located on Paradise Island, north of Nassau, is a resort and waterpark comprised of various different accomodation buildings, which opened its doors in 1998. The resort, currently operated by the Marriot Group, features various Mayan themed waterparks and an amazing underwater world.

The famous "Bridge Suite", which connects the two Royal Towers, was ranked in 2002 by Forbes as the most expensive hotel room in the world: For US$ 25,000 it can be yours for a night.
Sun-drenched tropical beaches and crystal clear waters washing ashore are the striking features of the north coast of Paradise Island. Here Bond meets Domino for the first time in Thunderball. He chats her up by pretending to have problems with the engine of his boat. Domino helps him out with her boat and they get ashore at Paradise Beach. Walking in an easterly direction, you approach the Atlantis Hotel and Paradise Lagoon. The picturesque little stone bridge that formerly spanned the mouth of the lagoon and that was visible in Thunderball fell victim to the complete remodelling of the once secluded area and was replaced by a concrete bridge.
The breakwater that stretches northward into the sea did survive the first reconstruction. At this place Bond emerges from the water after Domino has told him about Largo’s lair. The quay where he sneaks among Largo’s divers has also vanished.

Café Martinique is another unique Bond-location that was swallowed by the Atlantis. The posh night club was torn down in 2000. In 2005/2006 a rebuilt Cafe Martinique reopened in the Marina.

In Casino Royale (2006), 007 arrives on Paradise Island by helicopter, conveniently in front of the Atlantis Resort.
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