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Martijn Mulder (left) and Dirk Kloosterboer

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Martijn Mulder's passion for James Bond started in the early 80s after receiving an illegal video copy of Moonraker from his dad. After watching Octopussy, his first Bond film on the big screen, he got Steven Rubin´s book The James Bond Films for his birthday and started 'collecting' facts and odd trivia. Martijn started compiling a list of the filming locations and his passion for travelling took him across the globe, in a desperate attempt to complete his list. During this time he began The James Bond Locations Page on the internet, a popular source for location information in the early days of the internet. Martijn (1971) runs a Marketing & Communication company and lives in the Netherlands.

Dirk Kloosterboer was born in Germany in 1951 and had already established a love for the subject of James Bond some twenty years later, around the time his future co-writer was born. In this pre-video era Dirk often drove his relatives crazy with his desperate attempts to watch every Bond film broadcast on TV. The many travels together with his wife brought them to the most exotic destinations, initiating his passion for Bond locations. His talent for photography and love for the English language proved a very useful combination when Dirk started working on this project. Sadly and totally unexpectedly, Dirk's life ended on March 16, 2004 at the age of 52, leaving behind his wife and two daughters.

Martijn Mulder at Akime, Japan
Martijn Mulder at Shinmu-dake, Japan

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