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No Bond fan who’s thinking of visiting any of the countries in which 007 has had adventures should be without this indispensable guide! Where the Bond traveller may once have wasted many valuable hours in an effort to locate the various film locations in whichever country, Martijn Mulder and Dirk Kloosterboer’s exhaustive work has lifted that burden from all 007 holidaymakers, making their trip to that country even more enjoyable.

Graham Rye
Editor & publisher of 007 Magazine 

For years people have tried to categorize James Bond fans - the Fleming purists, the Connery idolizers, the lifestylers, and numerous others - each segment with its own set of values, opinions, and passions. The newest segment emerging in the past decade of Bond fandom is the location hunter. Spearheaded by 2 European James Bond fans, James Bond film location hunting has moved from "I wonder where that was filmed?" to "Here's where that was filmed, here's how you get there, here's where you park, here's who you need to talk to, and here's how much it is to get in."

In the early 90s Dutch Bond fan Martijn Mulder created a website called The James Bond Locations Page, and one of his earliest contributors was Dirk Kloosterboer from Germany, who shared information about Jamaican locations. Mulder and Kloosterboer soon joined forces and created the revamped website "On the Tracks of 007" and produced a CD-Rom filled with photos and information about Bond filming sites. Sadly Kloosterboer passed away in 2004, but Mulder continues the location hunting legacy with the website and a brand new book version that is undoubtedly the Bond filming location hunter's bible.

Available in both print and digital download (PDF) format, the 288 page book, with an introduction by Guy Hamilton, is chock full of gorgeous photographs, maps, behind the scenes information, amusing stories, hotel and restaurant reviews, and travel trips to help one get the most out of following the tracks of 007. Covering all 22 Eon Bond films plus Never Say Never Again, the book takes you from the sumptuous gardens of Istanbul to the frozen top of Piz Gloria, into the ocean off Nassau to a steaming volcanic crater in Japan and everywhere in between.

In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I made two small contributions to the book - I helped write one of the sidebars about OHMSS and helped locate one of the entries for the Portugal chapter - and it serves as an amusing demonstration of how location discovery can be as much about luck as anything else. Mulder, Kloosterboer, and I along with a few friends were in Lisbon trying to locate the gardens seen during the romantic interlude of OHMSS. We toured a site that was very similar (and to our surprise it even had a black cat) but it was not the filming location. I had a number of contact sheets from the filming and Martin had printed out screen shots but nothing was matching up.

During a break from the location hunting we toured one of Portugal's most famous monuments, Cristo Rey, the mammoth statue of Jesus Christ that overlooks the Tagus River, which was created to commemorate Portugal's neutrality during World War II. There was a souvenir shop inside the statue, and while perusing a guidebook I found a picture that was quite obviously the garden filming location - it turned out to be 17th century Palacio des Marqueses de Fronteira. So while normal people go to church to find Christ - we went to Christ to find James Bond locations.

Thankfully travel has become much more accessible since Fleming wrote the James Bond novels. On The Tracks of 007, the Thrilling Cities of the Internet age, is a wonderful look at some of the world's most beautiful places, and a peek behind the curtain at the challenges of film making and what makes James Bond films so glamorous.

- Charles Helfenstein
Author of 'The Making of On Her Majesty's Secret Service' and 'The Making of The Living Daylights'
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What a great resource for the true 007 fan. This book was my initial reason to start the location hunt for all these exotic and beautiful James Bond locations. It turned into a valuable and unique travel companion to visit the original places around the world where this famous movie series was filmed over the last five decades. Marvelous!
-Uwe Brosamle- USA

This is a very nice and good book. Perfect. I am very pleased with it. I have already recommended the book to many of my 007 friends. This is a perfect guide with good information where and when and how to get on the right spot.
- Nils Winblad- Denmark

Your book came today, and it is absolutely gorgeous! We are going to Europe next month and can hardly wait to use your book when we visit many of the James Bond locations in various parts of the world. Thank you so much for writing it!

- Randy & Cathy Patterson- USA
Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment with the publication of "On The Tracks of 007." I purchased it yesterday, and have hardly put it down since. I showed a very knowledgeable 007 friend a chapter from your book a few days ago and he was extremely impressed. He said your book, plus John Griswold's, would be the only two books any serious Bond fan would need.

Thanks again for such excellent information, presented in such a fun and beautiful way. I feel sorry for anyone who opts for the Black & White version. They don't know what they are missing. The photos are gorgeous and need to be experienced in full colour.

- James McMahon - USA

Nobody does (or has done) it better when it comes to tracking down locations used in the making of the James Bond films.
- Anders Frejdh, Founding Editor of From Sweden with Love
Last week I received my color limited edition of ON THE TRACKS OF 007. Prior to trips I often consulted with friends who owned copies of your marvelous book, so you can imagine my delight to finally have my own copy. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am enjoying reviewing the locations I have already visited and discovering new information. The accuracy, historical context, photos and text are amazing.
- Steve Oxenrider - USA

It is absolutely fabulous. Well done!
- Dave Worrall
Editor and publisher of Cinema Retro

Wow. Wonderful work here! I saw the black and white version at my local library, but knew I had to have the color version! What a wonderful book and wonderful resource too! Amazing.
- Tim Haxton - USA

Thanks a lot for a superb book!
- Alexander Nymberg - Sweden

Fantastic guide to 007 locations worldwide! It is by far the best location book around.
- James Sieff - USA
Fantastic stuff - really very interesting. A really good read. Well done.
- Ajay Chowdhury - UK

What a great read! I liked how you gave a little history of the location before Bond showed up, and what has become of it since. I also liked your "Making of..." chapter, and a very nice tribute to Dirk.
- Delmo Walters Jr. - USA

My best compliments, it’s a masterpiece!
- Edward Coffrini Dell'Orto - Italy

I just wanted to let you know I'm really impressed with the quality of the material in every aspect (from the paper used at the press to the writen contents and the fabulous pictures!) This is really a TOP which may only possibly be overcome (or even better saying, enriched) by visiting the places in person. Congratulations on this wonderful achievment and thanks for sharing it wih us all Bond fans around the globe! I'm considering buying another copy, B&W, to be the one to accompany me on my travels and keep this beautiful color edition in my library to enjoy it with care for it to last forever.
- Gustavo Campos - Brazil
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