You cannot claim that Hamburg is one of the most exotic Bond locations. On the contrary, the inhabitants of Hamburg (to avoid the term ‘Hamburgers’) are more reputed for their Hanseatic soberness coupled with an almost British sense of self-assured understatement. Quite a few people regard Hamburg as a suburb of London on the continent. Her history over the centuries has been more directed by the open-minded far-sightedness of her efficient merchants than by the arbitrary and selfish interests of any kings or noblemen. This is expressed by her official name Freie und Hansestadt (Free Hanseatic City) Hamburg. Her people are grass-rooted and cosmopolitan at the same time.

Below you find part of the story Today and Tomorrow, as featured in full in the travel guide.
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Tropical beaches and breath taking scenery are not on offer. Instead of that you will find elegant boulevards and shopping malls like the Junfernstieg (Path of Virgins) and Monkebergstrasse, posh residential districts like Blankenese, recreation areas like the Aussenalster (Outer Alster Lake) and Hagenbeck’s Zoo, and above all the city’s main feature, the second largest container harbour in Europe.

Founded in 808, Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city (1,7 million inhabitants). In the 13th century, together with Bremen and Lubeck she founded the Hanse, a federation of cities along the North and Baltic Sea in the middle Ages. During World War Two the city was heavily destroyed, but after the war she was rebuilt into an elegant, prospering metropolis. Hamburg’s landmark is the Michaelis-Church, actually better known as the Michel.
Hamburg is also a newspaper capital. Some of Germany’s most reputed national magazines like ‘Der Spiegel’ (The Mirror), ‘Der Stern’ (The Star) and ‘Die Zeit’ (The Times) are all published here. So Hamburg was an appropriate location for the headquarters of the megalomaniac media mogul Elliot Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies (TND).

For the Bond-fan the city is easy to explore. All locations, apart from the airport, are in downtown Hamburg within walking distance. For the general sightseeing you can go on tours which depart every twenty minutes from the central train station.
Hamburg's Fuhlsbuttel Airport is where 007 arrived in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
Bond ran on top of The Kempinski Atlantic in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
When you arrive from overseas you are already on the first Bond-location, the Airport Hamburg Fuhlsbuttel. The scenes where Bond has a look at the newspapers, rents his car and has a conversation with the ‘AVIS-agent’ Q were shot in Terminal T4 Departures. After leaving the escalator to the first floor you will see a spacious area between the counters. Here the newsstand (on the left-hand side) and the AVIS-booth (on the right-hand side) were especially built for the film. The AIRPORT EXPRESS bus shuttle connects Hamburg Airport with the station Ohlsdorf. From here you get to the central train station either by Schnellbahn (Rapid Transit Rail) line S1 Wedel or by Underground line U1 Ohlstedt.


This and much more can be found in the chapter 'Today and Tomorrow' in ON THE TRACKS OF 007

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