ESO Hotel 'Residencia'

ESO Paranal Observatory
II Región Antofagasta,
Atacama Desert,
The ESO facilities at Paranal
The interior of the ESO Residencia
ESO is the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere and it was their observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert that caught the attention of Marc Forster while scouting for locations for Quantum Of Solace. The desolate landscape surrounding the observational site on the 2600m high Paranal mountain south of Antofagasta, was the perfect setting for Dominic Green’s hideout.

A symbol of innovative architecture, the site’s main building is called ‘the Residencia’ and serves as a home for ESO’s scientists and staff, even offering a small garden and swimming pool inside.

Although the Paranal Residencia is most certainly not a hotel in the way we like to book our hotels online at Expedia for instance, it sure is possible to visit the Paranal location and even spend some time in the Residencia. ESO is happy to welcome tourists, students, as well as journalists and TV crews at its Paranal facility, though visits are scheduled for the last two weekends of every month (except December).

These visits will be organised within the limited capacity available and in such a way that they do not disturb the progress of work at the sites. So whether you are interested in astronomy or just in 007, this will be an experience of a lifetime! Be sure to make reservations months in advance though. More info and a tourist visitors-form can be found at ESO’s interesting website.

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