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Filming locations for SPECTRE (2015) include:
  • London, UK
  • Blenheim Palace, UK
  • Altaussee, Austria
  • Obertilliach, Austria
  • Sölden, Austria
  • Rome, Italy
  • Mexico City, Mexico
  • Erfoud, Tanger & Oudja, Morocco
At the end of 2014, filming for SPECTRE began with a small unit in Morocco filming the Oriental Desert Express. The crew filmed establishing shots for the train scenes later to be filmed at Pinewood Studios.

The train runs between Oujda and Bouarfa along 305km of railway and offers beautiful panoramas of the Sahara, punctuated by occasional high dunes, nomadic encampments and small isolated villages.

Later in the schedule, a full crew will return to Morocco to film scenes in Tanger and Erfoud.

Location filming for SPECTRE started officially with these scenes on the River Thames, in December 2014
1, Stanley Crescent, London, UK
1, Stanley Crescent, London, UK - Bond's appartment
Camden Lock, London, UK
Camden Lock, London, UK
Altaussee, Austria
Production moved to Austria in January 2015:
Altaussee, Austria
Ice-Q Restaurant, Sölden, Austria
Rettenbach Glacier, Sölden, Austria
Rettenbach Glacier, Sölden, Austria

The roads and tunnel were filmed in January and later again in February.
Action scenes in Obertilliach, Austria
On January 14, filming began in Obertilliach, Austria.

Locals had been informed months in advance and special preperations had taken place in the quiet little town. A parking lot was temporarily constructed and a wooden house was built especially for the film, on the hill behind the village, blending in perfectly with similar original structures.

Fans from around the world visited the set as the Internet had been buzzing for months about this location shoot.
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, UK
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, UK, formed the exterior for a big meeting, filmed in February 2015.
On February 19, the crew started filming in Italy. First was this scene at the Museo della Civiltà Romana, located at the Piazza Giovanni Agnelli in Rome, in which Bond visits the funeral of Sciarra.
Spectacular chase filmed at Lungotevere
In the following days, spectacular scenes were filmed on the sloping sides of Lungotevere, a boulevard running along the river Tiber, and at night in the streets of Rome.
Day of the Dead, filming in Mexico City
SPECTRE's pre-title sequence was filmed in Mexico City, in March 2015. The annual 'Day of the Dead' celebration was recreated and a spectacular helicopter stunt and fight scene was filmed.

Mexico City last featured in a Bond film in 1989, when many Isthmus City scenes were filmed here for Licence to Kill.
Daniel Craig as James Bond, back in London
Thames River, London
In April the crew was back in the UK for more studio filming. On occasion, location filming took place in London as we can see in these images. City Hall say some action as well as the River Thames again. Small scenes with Lea Sedoux, Naomie Harris, Christopher Waltz and Ralph Fiennes were filmed in the UK's capital during May and June.
Filming in Tanger, Morocco
Mid-June the crew returned to Morocco, to film extensively in Tangier. The Palace of Abdeslam Akaaboune was turned into 'Hôtel L'Americain' and surrounding buildings were repainted, aged and accessoirised.

Outside Tangier, a massive compound was constructed, especially for the film. Preperations for this shoot took four months.

The final location scenes were filmed in Erfoud.

Filming for SPECTRE wrapped on July 4.
Filming in Erfoud, Morocco
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